Yoga Class Schedule

Studio Classes
Mon Warrior Yoga 6:00 pm
Fri Meditation Moments 6:00 pm
Power Yoga 7:00 am
Sat Gentle Yoga 9:00 am

Location: The Yoga Warrior Studio, 13950 SW 100th Avenue, Miami, FL 33176
Price: $10/class

Coral Reef Park
Sun Hatha Yoga 8:00 am

Location: Coral Reef Park, 7895 SW 152nd Street, Palmetto Bay, FL 33157. North-west corner of the park, bordering the quiet street.
Price: By Donation.

Special Note

Additional contributions and donations are accepted and appreciated, with deep gratitude.

This support enables us to continue and expand our mission to teach, guide, counsel, learn and share the health, peace and harmony-giving wisdom of yoga.

Come Practice with Us

The Yoga Warrior Studio is a place of peace, harmony and tranquility and open to all. You are invited to come practice with us in this wonderful space.

Classes are always small, intimate, so you get the personal attention you need to refine your practice. Honor your body! Join us and continue your journey guided by the intuitive spirit and inner guru that helps us share the health and wellness benefits and wisdom of yoga.

NOTE: Space is limited. Please sign up to receive our invitations to RSVP and reserve your space.

Warrior Yoga

“Warrior Yoga” is an engaging 75 minute yoga practice that attunes your breath, refines the body, calms the mind and quiets the heart for optimal mindfulness, health and wellness.

Meditation Moments

Experience the benefit of meditation. Come join us for an hour of mindful meditation moments. Disperse stress and experience moments of peace and tranquility.

This class is meditation interspersed with gentle yoga. Meditation will be guided; using the power of visualization; of mental focus and concentration; or using the inward withdrawal of the senses. The core focus is on the breath and subtle energy body.  Guided by sound; rooting us to rhythm and flow. Guided by silence; left with our thoughts, feelings and sensations.

All of the practices in this class is will take us back home. Center us. Connect us. Here we build awareness, mindfulness, calm, quiet, tranquility, serenity, stillness and a connection to the essence of inner peace and harmony.

Gentle Yoga

These restorative and strengthening hatha yoga practices will gently arouse you physically; stir centeredness and mind-body connection through focused and meditative breathing; and awaken the spirit to greater mindfulness and awareness.

Power Yoga

This classes is open to advanced beginners and intermediate yogis. COME EXPERIENCE… the POWER, the VIGOR, the ENERGY of this “Power Yoga” practice. There is great healing and strengthening power to be derived from an intense practice of yoga. Come and train the warrior within to fortify and detoxify the body, calm the agitated mind and purify the heart and soul. Train the warrior to fight the demons that cripple us emotionally and psychologically. Train as a yoga warrior to dispel the dis-ease that generates the agitation and stress. Defeat the stress which creates the afflictions and infirmities that attack both our physical and mental well-being.

Sunday Yoga in the Park

There is no better way to start your day, start your week, than with a relaxed, meditative and spiritual yoga practice in the presence of Mother Nature… connecting to nature… your own true nature!

Join yogi PeterJ every Sunday at 8:00am at the Coral Reef Park, as we invigorate the mind and body in the wonderful natural healing space and place that this class offers.