Private Yoga

We offer private sessions for stress management, physical enhancement, anxiety control, stretching and strengthening, emotional and spiritual healing and heightened consciousness and awareness. Private sessions are fully customized to fit personal needs.  We’ve worked with high anxiety/panic attacked individuals, bi-polar mal-alignment, exam anxiety, job and career stress, marital/relationship conflict, psyche imbalance and other socio-culturally-induced manifestations.

Imagine, envision, explore and come experience the therapeutic and restorative benefits to your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being. One-on-one sessions are personalized using breathing, meditation and yoga tools and techniques that focus on raising awareness, diffusing stress and, re-aligning and holistically healing and strengthening mind, body and spirit.

I look forward to personally guiding and witnessing your practice and refinement of your yoga. Remember that yoga is a way to live your life!  It’s a lifestyle of superior health, wellness and well-being at all levels: mental, physical, emotional, energetic, spiritually. Practice your yoga; breathing, meditating, moving, being mindful, being aware. Practice your yoga every day, any way, anywhere you can!

Private or Group Sessions

We offer yoga and pilates instruction to individuals privately, and yoga to groups.

Come join us at our small, intimate Yoga Warrior Studio for exclusive small class guidance OR join one of our classes at one of the other venues where we teach yoga.

Private yoga and pilates practice sessions, training and meditation are all customized to meet personal goals and specific needs.  Experience the peace of your own mental, physical and emotional restorative and therapeutic sessions. One-on-one sessions are personalized using breathing, meditation and yoga techniques that focus on diffusing stress and re-align and holistically/therapeutically heal mind, body and spirit.

Private yoga sessions in the past have been customized to achieve goals such as:

  • Physical toning and refinement of the body
  • Relief from anxiety
  • Stress reduction
  • Therapeutic recovery from trauma
  • Post-operative strengthening
  • Psycho-therapeutic mind-body meditation

Yoga Conferences and Workshops

Contact us for an invigorating and mindful yoga instruction at your next business conference or workshop. Our sessions are a great, holistic, incorporating mind and body to begin the day with a focused mind, raised awareness and better concentration. Start the day by calming the mind and diffusing stress.

Yoga Travel Retreats

Daily practice, meditation, gourmet food, wine tours, guided cultural excursions, cooking lessons, private dinner parties, ecotourism and much, much more.  An experience of a lifetime, exploring new destinations and expansive possibilities, with a yogi state of mind; aware, conscious and in the moment:  the yoga lifestyle. Connect with us to request an instructor for your retreat, or to find out about our upcoming travel events.